Organicapure Aloe Vera & Honey Organic Shampoo Review

Aloe Vera & Honey Organic Shampoo is the third product made by Organicapure, an organic skin care line I was asked to review. You can read read more reviews on their Cocoa & Honey Delicate Body Scrub and Aloe Vera & Honey Deep Cleanser.

Organicapure uses only natural, organic ingredients harvested in Mexico. Like I mentioned in other two reviews, their customer service and email correspondence were superb. You can read more about them here. Ever since I made a decision to try out a body wave, things have gone wrong and I have had trouble finding a shampoo that would revitalize my hair.

Organicapure Aloe Vera & Honey Organic Shampoo Review

Keep in mind that I have tried Organicapure's organic shampoo a total of 3 times but I can already notice visible improvement. I specifically chose Aloe because I knew it would add moisture to my hair and scalp; honey was an added bonus.

I have chronicled (complained about) my hair issues, frizziness and lack of moisture being main ones. Aloe Vera is the commonly used in preparation of hair care recipes and so is honey.

Like the facial cleanser, this shampoo has a light gel consistency and has a delicate but invigorating scent of aloe underscored by the scent of honey and citrus. When I applied it, the first thing that came to mind was soft. The shampoo works itself into a generous leather and I actually used too much the first time. A squirt was enough the second time and my hair is almost shoulder length. Unlike many shampoos containing aloe vera gel in it, this one does not come out as a glob, it is runny but thick enough.

I didn't use any usual hair conditioners in addition to this shampoo. I rinsed the hair off and let it dry out anxious to see if it will turn into a frizzy mess like it usually does. It didn't! It is soft and the scent stays in for hours. Although my hair gets frizzy, by the end of the day it turns oily but not after the use of this shampoo. There is very little greasiness in it.

Here are the ingredients as listed on the website:

Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Miller Juice cocamidopropyl betaine, Amonium Lauryl Sulfate, Amonium Laureth Sulfate, Peg 150, Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Honey, sodium chloride, citric acid, Izotiazoline, fraganceThis cleanser is packaged in 8.5 fl z (250 ml) plastic bottles and costs $26. The company currently ships to Canada, USA and Mexico.

The only negative, as with the body scrub bottle, is that I initially had a bit of trouble getting the bottles to work properly but once I did, it was all good.

Who is this product for?

For all of you suffering like I am with frizzy, unmanageable yet greasy and thin hair, this shampoo is a must.

Who is this product not for?

I am not sure how an extremely oily hair would react to this shampoo but the moisture this shampoo adds is not grease and it does not make the hair feel over saturated.

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Although this is a sponsored review, I DO NOT review products that I don't think would benefit the visitors of this site. I have refused plenty of offers to review products that make a claim to be organic or natural. Those I do review, get thumbs up from me. I hope you enjoyed this review and give this product a try, you will love it!

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