Post summer skin care tips

Why would you be thinking of applying any of the post summer skin care tips? The answer is simple: summer sets up the stage for real skin care once it ends.

You have a great tan going on, your skin looks healthy, tanned and smooth - for a couple of months. After that, the tan starts fading away, the skin may start peeling, and the dehydration is more than obvious as the skin is not as elastic and soft as it was during the summer.

Don't panic! :)

Here is a great article that suggests several tips that will keep your skin in shape long after the summer has ended.

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Post Summer Skin Care - 5 Tips for Reviving Your Skin

Although autumn has been with us for awhile, the telltale signs of summer fun in the sun still remain on our skin. Exposure to chlorine water in pools can strip our skin of essential oils, leaving it dry. Hours of extra time spent outdoors in the sunshine can also cause dryness and uneven skin tones. A little extra post summer skin care enables you to put your best fall face forward.

- First of all, continue to use a sunscreen. You can choose a moisturizer or foundation that has a sunscreen in it to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that exist all year round.

- Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. After the summer season, there is a lot of dry skin left all over your body as a result of exposure to the sun, surf and chlorine water. The top layers of dead skin cells can be gently removed with a clay mask, warm water and a soft cotton washcloth to reveal the healthier, new skin beneath it.

- Choose a richer moisturizer to heal the damage done from the summer, as well as to protect your skin from the upcoming cold, windy weather. Select a moisturizer that will replenish the essential oils your skin lost and allow your skin to build a protective barrier for the winter without clogging your pores. A non-comedogenic moisturizer that incorporates natural ingredients is your best option.

- Continue to drink lots of water, even though you may not be as thirsty. It is natural to drink the right amount of water during the summer season to rehydrate. However, it is essential to rehydrate all year long and drinking six to eight glasses of water a day helps to keep your skin properly hydrated and looking its best. Of course, a healthy diet and avoiding cigarette smoking also shows on your skin.

- Wear a hat. During the summer, it serves to protect your face from the sun. In the colder months, you can wear a warmer hat with a brim to serve two important purposes - protect your skin from UV rays and keep your head warm.

With a little extra post summer skin care, your healthy summer glow can keep its glimmer throughout the colder months. After all, taking proper care of your skin reaps healthy rewards all year round.

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