Puffy eyes - Causes and natural cures for puffy eyes

Ah, puffy eyes! You know that look on your face when you wake up in the morning, your eyes swollen and hair messy? :) No worries! Here are some natural cures for puffy eyes that might help:


1) Allergies

Any kind of allergic reaction can cause eye redness and puffiness. These two, together with itchy eyes, are usually a symptom of a mild allergic reaction.

2) Retention of fluids in the body

Swollen legs are often what we think of when we say water or fluid retention. Often, swollen eyes may be one of the symptoms.

3) Heredity

There might be a hereditary factor that causes them. Have you noticed this tendency in your family? If so, you know what the problem is, but there are still ways you can buffer the effects by using some of the home remedies for it.
Natural cures for puffy eyes

Cool compress of any kind is usually good. It can be water compress or you could dip a face towel in a bowl filled with cold water. Hold it over the eyes and dip in some more cold water when the towel becomes warm.

Our readers' tip: Our reader C sent us this tip: Apply a cold spoon for a minute in the morning. It will reduce swelling efficiently.
Thank you C!

More tips from our readers

Cucumber slices are an excellent cure. Slice some cucumber and place it over the eyes. Preparing a quick cucumber based moisturizer will help tone and moisturize dry skin around the eyes.

Cucumber in itself does not have any magical ingredients that help reduce the puffiness. It is the large percent of water that cucumber is composed of that helps.

One other thing that helps is chamomile tea bag. In this case, you will need two tea bags. Prepare tea with them, and then pull them out and leave on the side until they cool down. You could also place them in a fridge to cool them down even more. Place them over the eyes.

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These same remedies can be used in home remedies for dark circles under eyes.

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Let me know if you found these home remedies useful.

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