Skin care tips

by Biljana

Here are a few useful skin care tips sent in by our readers:


Instead of using your fingertips to do extractions on your face, try using 2 Q-tips, as your fingers/fingernails harbor all sorts of bacteria which will make the blemishes worse. Also try to to do extractions while your face is clean and moist such as right after a shower, follow with a toner then moisturizer.


Rub garlic on your finger nails for healthier nails.


Coconut oil is also useful for dark circles under eyes. Apply it before going to bed. You will find the difference in few days.


Use raw milk and cornflour instead of cleansers from markets; this is a great pore cleaner.


For blackhead removal simply cut a tomato in half, rub in on your face wait 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off.


The quickest way to dry and clear up pimples is to apply a dab of toothpaste to the spot and leave overnight.


A regular massage of hands with the mixture of honey & lemon juice makes hands fair & soft.


Egg whites - put them on you face and let them sit for one hour to even over night to tighten your skin and a smooth feel. Use this twice to three times a week you will see and feel the difference.

Note: Isn't it great how a skin care recipe can be as cheap as one egg white? Nili, our expert has recommended its use. You might want to check out her answer to a question about loose facial skin. Keep in mind though that eggs are allergens so make sure you are not allergic to them before trying this tip.

Thank you ladies!

Biljana, admin.

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