Skin on the hand gets folded and looking older


Dear Ma’am,
I am 27y age. And my skin on the hand is getting foldings and fine lines also appear. But my face looks normal and it has no foldings. And also my skin on hand had got some small white spots for both the hands and it is not there in any part of the body else. These were formed during pregnancy. I have shown to doctor also and she told there is no problems with such spots. My hands are looking so ugly. It is 3y past I get them. Kindly suggest good remedy to have beautiful hands with no white spots and smooth and foldings free.

Hi, Ramabindu –

Did you know that honey has been used for centuries as a natural skin soften and healer. It is my personal favorite and I always keep some in my bathroom to remind me to rub in on my face when my face is still wet. I love the feel – a bit sticky but just add warm water and you will see a glow you will love too. Try it!

Also, as a facial you can apply a thicker amount and keep on your face for at least twenty minutes to soften those fine lines. You can make a quick moisturizer that is non-sticky and can be used daily. Get a clean empty jar, pour almond oil, coconut oil and glycerin into the jar (equal parts) add 1 teaspoon honey and mix it up. Adjust as necessary to your preference and use daily.

I also dot a little over my make-up (especially under the eyes where the fine lines are) to add a dewy young look to my face. It’s my greatest beauty secret. Sshhhh.

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