Softer feet

by Melanie
(United States)

For Softer Feet: (I got into this habit being a server for 18 years and it really works!!) After cleaning/scrubbing/soaking your feet apply neosporin to cracked/affected areas. You THEN take Vaseline and slather it on your feet VERY LIBERALLY! Take a pair of white cotton socks and put them on. (I recommend an old pair.........) Slather Vaseline VERY liberally to the OUTSIDE of your socks working it into the foot. Put on another pair of white cotton socks. Sleep with it on and overnight I GUARANTEE you there will be results!!

Hi Melanie, that's a neat tip! Here's an article I posted a while ago: 50 beautiful things you can do with Vaseline, and indeed, it is an awesome product.

Thanks for submitting the tip,

Biljana, admin.

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