StepnSoak4Feet Product Review - Affordable, simple, effective foot soak

Every now and then, a product is offered to me for review that blows me away with its simplicity and ingeniousness. One of these, StepnSoak4Feet foot soaking bags, arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and I could not wait to try it. I wanted to have enough time not just to review the technicalities but also to enjoy the product.

Lydia, owner of StepnSoak4Feet insisted that this product is incredibly simple in its use but offers a variety of benefits. I was not doubtful. Many of the foot care recipes on this site are some of the easiest and beneficial to prepare and use.

I will be the first one to tell you - I rarely have time to sit down, soak my feet and relax. This has been a welcome treat and I can't wait to share my findings with you :)

This product is not solely used for relaxation, of course. Depending on what your intention is, a combination of Epsom salt and different essential oils can also be used for sore, achy feet, for swollen ankles and sports injuries, soften rough skin or simply to kick back and relax!

The product is actually two vinyl bags with small ties attached so that you can tie the bags securely. Added to this is a small bag of soaking salts you get for free.

I filled up the bags with warm water, added the salt and lavender oil*, my personal favorite. I don't like water to be too hot so even lukewarm water was perfect for me.

*Lavender oil does not come with this product.

The amount of water to be added is not specified on the instruction sheet so I estimated and filled up one third of the bag which once the bag was on, was enough to cover my leg up to my ankles.

As you can see from this fascinating photo taken by me, there is no spillage and the ties hold the bag very well. Once I was done, I simply washed the bags with soapy water to wash away the essential oil residue and left to dry. That was it!

This products includes two soaking bags (and free soaking salt) and it costs $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who is looking for a cheap, practical way to relax, soothe, or heal their feet or ankles.

I said it in the beginning but I will say it again: this product is truly so simple that there is nothing I could find as a negative. As far as I am concerned, this will become a permanent item in my do it yourself collection. :)

Ready? Click to read more about or order StepnSoak4Feet.


Although this is a sponsored review, I DO NOT review products that I don't think would benefit the visitors of this site. I have refused plenty of offers to review products that make a claim to be organic or natural. Those I do review, get thumbs up from me. I hope you enjoyed this review and give this product a try, you will love it!

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