Sunburn treatment for hands

by Laney

Sunburn Treatment for Hands - Oatmeal and Yogurt Relief

• 2 tsp of hazelnut oil
• 4 tsp of strawberry juice (fresh pineapple juice or lemon juice can be used too)
• 8 tbsp of ground oatmeal
• 2 tbsp of plain yogurt
• 4 tbsp of cocoa butter

This recipe is particularly suited for sun burned hands. This treatment reduces the skin damage. What you do is combine all the ingredients in a bowl and form a paste.

Let the paste stand as it is for 1-3 minutes and apply the mixture to the back of your hand by using a small spatula. Wash off the hand in cold water after 30 minutes or when the paste has completely dried off.

Apply moisturizer afterward.

You should repeat this at least twice daily or until the sunburn subsides.

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