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by Blogger98

Hydrangeas are a good fragarance to keep beside the tub.

Hydrangeas are a good fragarance to keep beside the tub.

Hydrangeas are a good fragarance to keep beside the tub.
Think of calming images such as this to visualize your ideal paradise.

Hey! I know that in today's busy and bustling work environment, it is hard for any woman to find relaxation time. Tips that I use help me get through the day quickly and easily and unclog a day of hard work after I come home:

Remember, relaxation does not always need to be at a spa. If you have a large tub, that will be enough...fill your tub up with water at the highest point of heat on the faucet. This might be a little hot in the beginning but it is better for muscle relaxation and will retain heat longer. Pour in some lavender, Johnson's baby oil as well as a mixture of juices from an citrus fruit, coconut oil and vanilla extract. For a kick, add in a cup or two of Vick's vapor rub or mint leaves. Mint leaves work better. This will help revive your senses and more!

For herbal recipes, remember, flowers and natural untempered plants work the best. These are probably the best to use:

White Gardenias, Lavender, Rose, Tulip, Sunflower, Mint, Thyme, Basil, and even Parsley. Simply sprinkle them on the top of the water and let it sit for two minutes before getting in.

How to indulge during the bath:

Remember to indulge while taking the bath. Get steamed towels by boiling a pot of water and placing hand towels inside. Drain of water and keep in a baby bottle nipple fertilizer/preserver. The best treat to have is chocolate of course. It relieves of tension. Godiva gems work the best. If you are not a chocolate fan, try raspberries, or even blackberries. Strawberries work too.

For more info and tips, check out my blog at www.blogger98cestlavie.blogspot.com. Comment on what you want to hear and I will be sure to post it later.


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