Teabag for puffy eyes and face

by A.Bonnor
(New Zealand)

Caffeine contained in tea helps reduce swelling and puffiness

Caffeine contained in tea helps reduce swelling and puffiness

Teabags have long been used to tighten up eyebags, but tea is also great for the rest of your face. Brew your teabag for a few minutes then allow the boiling teabag to cool slightly before lightly rubbing it over your face. Allow the tea to settle into your skin for about eight minutes then rinse your face with warm water.

This recipe is great to use every two or three days, and stops the floppy tired look, allowing you to look fresh all the time.

When cooled, you can simply place teabags over your eyes for a few minutes. Chamomile tea is best for this purpose although green tea with its rejuvenating properties will do well also.

Caffeine contained in tea acts as a stimulant for the skin.

Thanks for the recipe!

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