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Anne-Marie shares this wart remedy with us:

A quick and effective way to treat small warts is to dab the wart only with pure essential oil of lemon then dab on Thuja cream (herb) and cover well to exclude air. I used a couple of sticking plasters/bandaids. Do this every morning and every evening and within about 7-10 days the wart will drop off or be on its way!! It took me about 10 days to get rid of one on my upper arm. :o)

Thanks Anne-Marie

I wrote about different natural wart removal but this recipe is new to me. I was interested to find out about Thuja cream and found that Thuja is a cedar tree widely used in preparation of home remedies, wart remedy included.

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Lemon oil used in this recipe makes perfect sense as lemon oil is a great antiseptic.

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