How to remove white spots on face

Having white spots on face and skin can be a real hassle, but it's thankfully a common problem with a myriad of handy solutions ready for it. White spots can happen due to vitiligo, leukoderma, or a yeast infection, so visit your nearest dermatologist first before anything else.

It's always better to be safe than to be sorry. The firs thing you need to do when it comes to white spots on face treatment is to identify their origin. Leukoderma is a rare condition that's caused by the skin losing its pigment. The less pigment the skin has, the whiter it is.

Causes of White Spots on Face

The white spots on your face and body can sometimes be enveloped by white circles. Environmental factors, hormonal imbalances, stress, and autoimmune disease can trigger this condition. Vitiligo, on the other hand is also the pigmentation of the skin whose causes are unknown but are suspected to be viral, neural, and autoimmune in nature.

Yeast infection or thrush is a fungal infection caused by unhygienic practices and the proliferation of yeast in your body. Each of these causes has to be addressed in different ways.

How to Treat White Spots on Face

Ask Your Dermatologist for Advice: Again, a healthcare professional specializing in the field of study concerning skincare is your best bet in uncovering the cause of your facial pigmentation and finding the most suitable treatment for it.

Avoid Foods High in Iron, Shellfish, and Citrus Foods: Those dishes and foodstuffs are the exact wrong thing to eat when it comes to removing white spots on the face, and they may encourage or aggravate your face's pigmentation.

Cultured Cells Transplant: If you have the budget or if your healthcare plan can cover it, there's now a method of removing white spots caused by leukoderma that involves culturing cells from other parts of your body and transplanting it on your affected areas.

Get Antifungal Medication: Depending on your dermatologist's advice, you should probably get antifungal medication for your white spots if they're caused by thrush or any other type of infection like tinea versicolor that's caused by pityrosporum ovale.

Avoid Staying in Places that Are Hot and Humid: Humidity encourages the growth of fungus, especially fungus growing right on your face or body. As such, you should avoid being around humid areas as much as possible if you're suffering from fungal-infected white spots on the face.

Prepare an exfoliating scrub Facial scrubs are a wonderful way of manually removing the dead skin cells. A scrub such as cleansing honey scrub is natural and soothing to the skin.

Wash with the Right Topical Agents: Wash your face with mild soaps with moisturizers or get a separate moisturizer to ensure that your skin won't dry out. You can also put aloe vera gel, honey mixed with cinnamon, a small piece of garlic, or exfoliants on the affect areas of your face.

Invest in a good cleansing system: Electric skin brushes such as Clarisonic Pro For Face and Body are an excellent way to cleanse the skin deeply, remove dead layers and any kind of face spots and blemishes. The great thing about this cleansing system is that it can be used not only on face but anywhere on the body where the skin could use some rejuvenating.

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